Welcome to the Genome Analysis Core

We offer genetic and genomic biomarker analysis, instruments, and translational research support for preclinical and early discovery projects with special emphasis on the unique technical needs of tumor biology.  

Our research team works with users to develop biomarker strategies and assays collaboratively by functioning seamlessly as an extension of your team. We offer services in mutational analysis, genotyping, and gene expression studies.

We have implemented a variety of state-of-the art technology over the years, following the trends of platform evolution in Genomic Analysis. Currently, we offer laboratory services and instrument time on the following platforms: AB7900HT (quantitative real time PCR/QPCR), Ion Torrent PGM (NGS), QuantStudio 12K Flex (high throughput qantitative real time PCR/ HT-QPCR), Quant Studio 3D (digital PCR/ dPCR), EPMotion 5075 (liquid handling). 

Our wet-lab services are focused at the Mt. Zion campus. However, we manage instruments at two campuses, Mt. Zion and Mission Bay, in two of the main HDFC-Cancer Center research buildings.

We provide specialized consulting, project design, and grant writing.  The first 30 minutes genomics consulting time are free!  Come talk to us to get your project off the ground.

We are always seeking new collaborations for novel technological research and development opportunities from UCSF researchers for the following:

  • New assay and biomarker development project designs or protocols. Ask us about our epigenetic/methylation analysis experience, currently a need unmet at UCSF via shared resources. 
  • New platform/instrument evaluation, aquisition and implementation that would make great future shared resources.  We are an excellent partner to help arrange trials for larger instrument demonstrations, a good way to evaluate whether a platform is a good fit for departmental or university needs. We have experience collaborating with research faculty in both the clinical and basic sciencies to write methods and technology acquisition grants through UCSF and NIH funding opportunities in the ~$100,000 range. We are always looking for opportunities to help write a NIH-SIG grant for bigger platforms in the $400-$500K range. With our connections to the RRP, we can help answer questions about obtaining these larger grants.


Tell us your needs. Let us connect you to solutions.

1/13/2017: Our website is currently under construction as we create and organize new content.  Please keep checking back. 

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