Bioanalyzer 2100

The Agilent Bioanalyzer is a microfluidics-based platform that combines the principles of electrophoresis and flow cytometry to allow quantitative and qualitative analysis of various sample types that include total RNA, mRNA, microRNA, small RNA, and small to large fragments of PCR amplified DNA or fragmented DNA.

The Core hosts the RNA 6000 Nano chip (12 samples/chip, 1 uL sample vol, 30 min run time, Sensitivity: 25-500 ng/uL)

Using the Bioanalyzer:

A mandatory training session is required to authorize the use of the Bioanalyzer and may be set up with the Core’s personnel. This will involve Core personenel loading and explaining a chip, then the trainee will practice running a chip. The price for the training costs two full service chips. The training takes about 1.5-2hrs. Following the training session, the Core will enable access to the instrument on the MyCores calendar for reservation.