Ion Torrent PGM

The Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine System is a desktop sequencer designed to be easy to adopt for all Next Generation Sequencing needs. The Ion PGM uses semiconductor technology to effectively perform targeted DNA and RNA resequencing, and sequencing of bacterial whole-genomes. The instrument is useful for profiling mutations and detecting mutational variants using the Ion Ampliseq Cancer Hotspot Panel. Sequencing is performed in room N156. Workflow is streamlined to be done in no more than a week, including automation from the Ion OneTouch 2 for template preparation and enrichment.

Using the Ion OneTouch 2

The Ion OT2 streamlines template preparation by providing automation. The process itself takes 30 minutes to manually set up, then 5.5 hours to run on the OT2 automation. During template enrichment, the manual set up takes about 30 minutes, then 35 minutes to run on the OT2 automation.