qPCR (High Throughput)

A variety of high-throughput quantitative pcr methods are available. They are used to validate large microarray datasets or to screen gene expression patterns for specific pathways. They present cost savings over hand-pipetted methods for projects. The Genome Core can run most varieties of plate based high throughput arrays.


Taqman Array Microfluidic Cards (TLDAs)


The Taqman Array is a 384-well microfluidic card that enables a researcher to perform 384 simultaneous real-time PCR reactions without the need to use liquid-handling robots or multichannel pipettes to fill the card. This medium-throughput microfluidic card allows for 1-8 samples to be run in parallel against 12-384 pre-loaded TaqMan Gene Expression Assay targets. The Taqman array is available in various Gne Signature Arrays or is fully customizable with the genes of your choice. The core possess a special centrifuge required to spin down the arrays which is available to users.


Sample requirements

An instrument fee will be charged for each TLDA run by individual users. The AB 7900 machine must be reserved with the Core staff at least two days in advance of the desired run time. The Core staff will schedule the first available time. The Core staff can also load the TLDAs and the user will be charged for the time required. Please contact the Core to discuss further options and details.