Consultation Services

The core offers support for grant preparation, as well as consultation services for study design, sample preparation, and analytical approaches for data analysis.

Nucleic Acid Quality Analysis

We offer extensive quality control services for RNA and DNA samples to examine the purity and fragmentation of samples.  This allows us to work across many of the most difficult samples to assay, such as cerebral spinal fluid, FFPE, LCM, etc.  

Agilent Bioanalyzer

Nanodrop Spectrophotometer

Qubit Fluorometer

QPCR-based DNA Quantification

DNA Picogreen Quantitation

Gene Expression Analysis

Low Throughput "Instructions for Sample Requirement" Sample drop off

Mid-high Throughput

Targeted NGS RNAseq Panels

RNA 50 Gene Cancer NGS Panel


Low Throughput

Mid-high Throughput

Custom Targeted NGS Panels

Somatic Mutation/Rare Variant Analysis

Cancer Hot Spot Panel vs2 (NGS)


Digital PCR

Next Generation Sequencing Sample Preparation

The core prepares libraries that are suitable for targeted sequencing on an Ion Torrent PGM. Library preparation includes sample quality control, normalization, pooling, and sample submission. 

RNA Quality Control

DNA Quality Control

Next Generation Sequencing

We offer targeted sequencing of a variety of off-the-shelf panels and custom panels for both DNA and RNA on the Ion Torrent PGM platform.  Our two main panels are the Cancer RNA 50 gene panel and the Cancer Hot Spot 50 Gene DNA panel.