We provide two hands-on laboratory training classes either upon request (QPCR) or two times a year (NGS).

Full comprehensive qPCR training:

We offer a 3-day full training course on the entire qPCR process. We begin with advising the best way to plan your experiment,   including the appropriate controls and replicates and offer accurate plating techniques of a 384-well plate to minimize variation within samples. We then conclude by running the plate and teach labelling of the plate using sds 2.4 software and analyzing the results.


We have a brief 30 minute training session which is compulsory in order to use the AB7900 at Mount Zion. During this training we go through how to load a plate into the AB7900 using the robot and how to label plates according to our requirements. If the users have any questions or queries on using the AB7900 and sds2.4 software we are happy to help out.

Bioanalyzer MZ-Training:

We offer a brief compulsory training on the Bioanalyzer at Mount Zion. During this training session we demonstrate how to equilibrate and accurately load a chip. We then watch the user to ensure that they have a good technique and then run the chip and explain how to interpret the data.

Next Generation Sequencing -Targeted RNAseq & DNAseq, Theory & Practice

Twice per year we provide instruction in the theory of sequencing technology. Upon request we provide hands-on training in library preparation and best practices for using benchtop sequencing instruments. At the end of training, you will be able to run your own samples. Data analysis is included with the instrument through the Ion Reporter software. At the end of your first run, you will have aligned bam files and variants called. You can then further filter that data easily without the help of a bioinformatics expert.